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Manm konsèy Britt's Bunch soti nan   divès orijin, chak moun pote avèk yo, ladrès diferan ak pèspektiv. Nou se yon ekip kolaboratif ak pasyone ki sèvi pou ede pote chanjman pozitif nan kominote Florid Santral la.


Jan has lived in Central Florida for more than a decade with her daughter Britt.  Active in the philanthropic community, Jan has served as an active volunteer for UCF, the Down syndrome Association of Central Florida and numerous local charities.

Direktè Egzekitif

Jan Garcias

amy and baloo.jpg

Amy was elected as the chair in 2022 and has an extensive background as a nonprofit executive and consultant.  She currently works with nonprofits on strategic planning, coaching and interim leadership.  She has known Jan & Britt since 2011, and is a true leader in the non-profit community.

Prezidan Komisyon Konsèy

Amy Van Bergen


Robert is a graduate of UCF and has a background as a reporter and speech writer before returning to the classroom as a communications professor.  He has served on the Alumni Association Board of Directors, the chair of both the Tallahassee Alumni Club and the Dallas-Forth Worth Alumni Club.  As a die-hard UCF Athletics fan, Robert's dog was named after the UCF mascot, Knightro.

Vis Prezidan

Robert Aronoff

Jenn portrait 2.jpg


Jennifer Sikora

lauren elizabeth.jpg

Lauren is a lifelong Central Florida resident and proud second generation UCF Alumni, following in her father's footsteps.  She started volunteering with nonprofits in middle school, and was a volunteer lacrosse coach throughout high school and college.  She first met Britt as a UCF football game -- where else?!

Sekretè ak konsepsyon sit entènèt

Lauren Gardenhire


The girl with the dream who's wisdom is simple: "Find someone who needs your help and help them."

Manm Konsèy la



Antoine Poe is a physical education teacher for Duval County Public Schools.  Antoine is a UCF graduate and was a member of the UCF Football team in the early 2000s.  He finished the 2003 season with 111 tackles - including a team high 16 for a loss and 3 sacks.

Manm Konsèy la

Antoine Poe


Leah is a pediatric clinical social worker who provides mental health services and psychosocial support to patients and their families.  She currently works  Nemours Children's Health and is a proud UCF grad. She is passionate about helping bridging the gaps in care for underserved children and families.

Manm Konsèy la 

Leah Wimberly, LCSW

steve martin.jpg

Steve is the owner and principal for Omni Productions in Orlando which produces high-end corporate videos, in-person & hybrid events/conferences and multimedia projects for Fortune 500 companies.  He is the proud parent of two sons, one of whom is currently a wide receiver for the UCF Football team.

Manm Konsèy la

Steve Martin

patrick nurse.jpg

Patrick is an IT Program/Project Manager at Walt Disney World and met Britt and the Britt's Bunch team through his love for UCF football.  He loves politics and is active as an Alumnus for Kappa Sigma fraternity.

Manm Konsèy la

Patrick Enfimyè


FOTO K ap vini BYEN

Missy is passionate about children and making a difference in their lives.

Manm Konsèy la

Missy Chandler


Pou kont nou ka fè sa ti kras; ansanm nou ka fè anpil.


Helen Keller

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