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Big Day for Britt's Bunch

UCF Long Snapper Tyler Paul, along with his awesome high school buddy and Big Man Big Heart founder, FSU Offensive Line Dillan Gibbons, founder of Big Man Big Heart, have joined forces to create an unforgettable adventure. And guess what? It all revolves around the heart-pounding, nail-biting world of college football!

The day starts with an energy explosion at the tailgating extravaganza hosted by the dynamic duo of fun, Chris and Stacie Ristau. These kids and teens dive headfirst into the pre-game festivities, creating memories that will forever be etched in their hearts.

But wait, there's more! We're taking them on a top-secret mission to the UCF bookstore. Each child receives a swag bag filled to the brim with surprises. The anticipation is through the roof as they eagerly explore the goodies.
And did we mention the mouthwatering lunch at Burger U? It's a chance for our superstars to refuel, relax, and share their excitement for the upcoming game. 
And hold onto your hats because the excitement doesn't stop there! After the game, our superstars get the ultimate treat—a meet and greet with their football heroes! Can you imagine the sheer joy radiating from their faces? They get to interact, snap selfies, and create memories. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to feel like the VIPs they truly are.

Big Day for Britt's Bunch is more than just a day— it's an explosion of laughter, joy, and a deep sense of belonging. We're celebrating the power of community, friendship, and the magical bond that forms when you share a love for football. Get ready for the "BEST DAY" ever, filled with laughter, joy, and a whole lot of fun. This all-inclusive experience is a tribute to the magic of togetherness and the everlasting memories we create when we come together. So, let's make this day one for the books and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Tyler, who graduated this year, is starting his career in law enforcement and has passed the torch to teammates Jamaal Johnson, Stephen Martin, and Mitch McCarthy, who are eager to represent Big Man Big Heart UCF.

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