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Rescue and Revive

Britts Bunch is committed to empowering individuals and families in need through our program Rescue and Revive, which focuses on helping people rebuild their lives and break free from generational poverty. Many of these families often have only one parent working, as the other parent needs to care for a sick child. ( We also work with APH and Nemours clinics for kids with cancer, sickle cell disease, and other health issues.) Additionally, circumstances beyond their control may have contributed to their situation.

Rescue and Revive aims to provide tangible support to these families. By offering actual beds instead of mattresses on the floor, along with sheets and pillows, the program ensures a more comfortable and dignified living environment. It also ensures that families have access to full pantries, alleviating the burden of food insecurity. Moreover, the program includes clothing shopping and guidance on dressing for success, which can empower individuals to present themselves professionally in employment opportunities. Furthermore, Rescue and Revive helps families navigate employment opportunities, opening doors to financial stability and a better future.

Through these comprehensive efforts, Britts Bunch Rescue and Revive program strives to uplift individuals and families, providing them with the resources and support they need to improve their lives and break the cycle of generational poverty. Our goal is to empower families, not simply toss them a few things and wish them well. 

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