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Meet Britt!

Britt is a cheerful, big-hearted young lady with Down Syndrome who lives in Central Florida.  While she has faced some of her own obstacles in life, she only has space for love in her heart and has been passionate about helping others since a young age.

Britt LOVES football.  She bleeds Black & Gold, and is the biggest fan of the UCF Knights. She loves each of the players so much, that she considers them part of her family.  You can always find Britt sitting behind the UCF bench cheering on her 'brothers' at home games, and she's always the first in line to give them one of her signature hugs after games.  She, and her mom Jan, also travel to away games throughout the season so Britt can be there to cheer on her Knights!

She sees the world purely out of love, and we should all strive to #BeLikeBritt.

Our Story

Britt's Bunch is a dream started by Britt who has worked for years serving people whose incomes are below the federal poverty threshold. If ever there was someone who saw the world through rose colored glasses, it’s Britt. To her, it’s simple: find someone who needs your help and help them.

One of the organization's signature events is “Big Day for Britt’s Bunch” in which we bring extraordinary kids and their families to a UCF football game in true VIP fashion.

We also raise money for children with cancer, sickle cell and other health impairments who have fallen into difficult times. These kids are not only battling chronic illness, but also face other challenges such as homelessness, food insecurity and more. Our goal is to meet the needs of those who have fallen through the charity cracks, and to make a difference for them and their families.

For four years, we’ve raised money to provide Christmas to families in need. The funds raised are used for meals, shoes, backpacks, and toys. Sadly, the only meals most of these children get are the ones at school. We visit regularly, and they never seem to have food, or a good pair of shoes that actually fit and aren't falling apart. We continuously monitor the community and identify families who are in need.

In the Spring of 2022, several individuals who know and love Britt gathered together to help put a plan into place to form a nonprofit to better serve the community. Within a few short months, Britt's Bunch was approved by the IRS as a nonprofit corporation and we were registered with the state of Florida. A diverse, community-focused  board of directors  was voted into service. In addition, Jan Garcias was approved to serve as the (volunteer) executive director for the organization.


This is Britt's world - we are just living in it and helping her achieve her dreams for love and service to others.


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