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Her journey began with a simple idea: to assist those who require help. She took to the streets every day, knocking on the doors of businesses and homes, fearlessly seeking support for her cause. Her grassroots approach is a testament to her commitment and belief in the power of personal connections.


Year after year, Britt remains resolute in her door-to-door approach, tirelessly visiting businesses to share her unwavering mission. She sees the world with love, and we should all strive to #BeLikeBritt.


Britt is an avid sports fan! As the biggest supporter of the UCF Knights, she brings her infectious energy to every football game, cheering on her team from behind the bench. After the game, you'll find her waiting at the locker room door, ready with her trademark hugs, high-fives, a big smile, and a "good game"!


When the football season ends, she attends other sporting events like volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball, and even rugby.

Meet Britt!

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Britt's Bunch is an organization founded by a young woman with Down syndrome dedicated to serving children and families living below the federal poverty threshold. With the support of community superstars, Britt's Bunch established a 501(C)(3), a strong board of directors, and a team of volunteers. What sets us apart is that no one is paid, ensuring that every dollar raised goes directly to those we serve.

Since 2016, before officially establishing ourselves as a non-profit, Britt's Bunch made a meaningful impact by raising funds through our "Britt's Bids for Kids" event and silent auction. These endeavors have touched the lives of children battling cancer, sickle cell disease, and other chronic illnesses, along with children who have simply fallen off the radar or through the charity cracks. These children and families face homelessness, food insecurity, mental health issues, and more. Our unwavering dedication is firmly rooted in identifying and assisting children in difficult circumstances, ensuring that no child is left behind. Through collaboration with local children's hospitals,devoted social workers,compassionate teachers,and caring neighbors, we maintain a watchful eye on our community to ensure no child in need is overlooked. 


In addition to our ongoing initiatives, we take immense pride in emphasizing our commitment to nurturing the physical and emotional well-being of the children we serve. Here at Britt's Bunch, we understand the transformative power of sports in building confidence and fostering healthy exercise habits in young minds. Our mission extends beyond the field – it encompasses a fundamental aspect of childhood development: sports participation. Through dedicated efforts, we sponsor and provide financial support to children from underserved backgrounds, enabling them to engage in various sports activities. We sincerely believe that sports enhance physical health and cultivate vital life skills such as teamwork, discipline, and self-esteem.


While our resources may not match those of larger organizations (YET), our boundless passion and unwavering dedication are potent forces that drive us forward. We wholeheartedly believe that even the smallest gestures can create profound differences. For Britt's Bunch, our guiding ethos is elegantly simple yet profoundly impactful – to find those in need and extend a helping hand. Through our multifaceted initiatives, including our dedication to supporting sports participation, we continue to shine as a beacon of hope and a source of positive change in the lives of the exceptional children and families we are honored to serve.


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